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Friday, May 05, 2006

Living in a painting

I am celebrating the magnificence of our walnut tree today. I declared it Walnut Tree Day at Apifera Farm, this May 5th, and if you know a walnut tree please go stand under it and absorb it's beauty. I gathered as many animals as I could to sit under the tree with me today as it was one of those things one wants to share with a fellow being. Like travel, it is often more wonderful to be alone in your own thoughts and be able to go off on your own when you want, but sometimes you wish someone were standing by you to see what you just saw, as you know you will never find words to describe it properly. So, Little Orange, Pumpkin Head and Mr. Plum joined me under the tree where we stood for 30 minutes examining leaves and bark and internal spaces of her crown against the blue sky. So the four of us now share an experience that can't be put into words.

Last nite, Martyn and I sat on the front deck in one of our first really warm nites. As we looked up towards the back of our property, where the 10 acres or so of hay fields stand, we saw all the cows grazing, the calves too. Their was a frame of Savannah Oaks around the field, the sky was still blue, and the greens of the fields and trees were so varied. The blackness of the cows as they grazed, next to the green was inspiring. And Martyn said, so sincerely, "Every time I see that view, I just can't help but feel I am in one of your paintings". It tore me up. It was such a peaceful comment, said so sincerely, and it meant so much.


Susan Schwake said...

that is beautiful. a special day to celebrate a tree. i love it and will do it for our 30 year old birch twins in front of our home. they deserve it as they are so close to the end of their life. i hope to talk with you soon re: your work, my gallery!

Summer Pierre said...

I grew up with oak trees, climbed them, sat under them, prickled my barefeet on their leaves. They are special beings.

What a wonderful moment you & Martyn shared. It's one of those prefect moments that you will relive in your mind and feel yourself well with pleasure.

Happy Monday to you, K!

Farmgirl Susan said...

Beautiful. Every. Single. Word.

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