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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Littles are Happy

The dreary rains have made it necessary to pull out all techniques of fighting the blues...my arsenal includes: lots of fruit, run on the treadmill, keep drawing, donkey-Martyn-pug-Huck-horse hugs and......COOKIES.

I was a self entertaining unit while baking with my new mini donkey cookie cutter from my German artist friend . What better way to give Lucia her first important job on the farm - spreading cheer with cookies. I had way too much fun baking them, but packaging them up with the "Little Lucias" pink label and adorning them in pink cotton rags, well, I was completely happy throughout the whole experience.

The back label points out the farm fresh local butter used, as well as Apifera eggs.
Who knows where the sugar was from - I do buy King Aurthur flour. Testing of cookies was completed by Pino Blangiforti, and Paco Giovannetti gave final approval.

It was almost as much fun sneaking up to my friend's house and tip toeing up to the front porch and hanging the package on the door. A difficult task when the family dog wanted loving, and the barn cat too...

I did have a raw dough hangover for a day. I confess to adoring raw dough. When I was little, my much wiser and very grounded brother would warn me I was going to die someday from raw dough or kissing dogs. So far I'm still here.


salmonpoetry said...

those little Lucias and Pinos and Pacos are so adorable, and the tins are just too much! You are a crafty genius!

I have so much I could comment on this post (probably because I am taking a distraction break from trying to finish a chapter that MUST be done TODAY!!).
you can buy local PNW flour from Shepherd's Grain, a pretty cool company (http://www.shepherdsgrain.com). Sugar is pretty politicized, and set to go GM very soon. I guess honey is not that good a substitute for sugar in a sugar cookie recipe, but that's a pretty good local substitute for sugar in a lot of recipes.

and on raw dough hangovers, in my younger years i was a baker first at dunkin donuts and then at Mrs. Fields cookies when it first opened. at the latter we could eat as much raw cookie dough as we wanted, straight off the ice cream scoops we used to mold the cookies. i used to skip breakfast and just eat cookie dough instead (okay, I was in high school then, and not as knowledgeable as i am now). one day i ate so much dough that i got terribly sick and had to be driven home from work. after that i was more careful.

one final note, to get back to the adorable subject of your post: sometimes I use small cookie cutters to cut out shapes made of pie crust, either creating a negative (a la steam escape hole on top of crusted pie) or dropped free-form on top of a fruit pie, using leftover scraps of dough.
you can probably make some very sweet personalized pino pies that way with the cutters, too!

I will stop now, but if you are by chance coming to Portland between now and Sunday, I would be willing to purchase a little tin of donkey cookies. I am having a cookie exchange at my house Sunday afternoon and they would make a superb door prize! Or better yet, come to the party yourself i person!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks for the flour /sugar advice. I am going to have to do better- once we get done with the 3 year kitchen remodel [Martyn is there as I type putting up bead board -] I can have better storage for my baking area. With Pedro and Juanita relatives [mice], I have to store things well. I can't organize yet so have given up. I know honey works well for many things - like breads, but I will have to experiemnt. but with the raw dough obsession, I can only bake so often. Your story of dough eating is hysterical. I worked at a bakery too, a really cool one and confess to eating lot of home made bread.
I'd like your pizza dough too.

I would so love to drop off cookies but can't - I thought too of using the cutter for pies - pie minds think alike. I am planning my dates for Pino Pie days and will be looking for pie makers I think - stay tuned.

Happy holidays!

Linda O'Neill said...

OH my...these are too adorable. I would love to buy some of these...are you ever going to sell them, Katherine?

LOVE your "Honor the Light" painting! You've been very busy, haven't you?:)

Anonymous said...

i love these...and the Book Cover too.
...Would love to have a shirt with that sweet image...really would!!!

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