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Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Pie Ambassador Discovered!

When you get envelopes like this in the mail, your day just gets happier, better than the good it was before you opened the box. Kiran of Portland is now an Official Pie Ambassador, and the art that came with her envelope made me even happier. Her mother kindly wrote a wonderful story about baking their pie, which Pino patiently listened too, as did Paco. [Paco, by the way is grumpy, and is quite content just having pickle duty in summer.] Read more and see Kiran's art over at Donkey Dreams.


salmonpoetry said...

oh excellent, i am glad that it arrived, and spread some happiness. i put extra postage on it because i figured that it would take a little more work for the postal service to decipher the address... (no, actually i bought up a lot of those agricultural heritage stamps before the postage rate went up, and i couldn't hunt down a 2c stamp...)
i will check and see what pino has to say on his own blog...

Linda O'Neill said...

Oh this is the sweetest thing. You should frame that envelope!

Love your Neil Young art and his lyrics too...he's definitely one of the best!

Anonymous said...

A Pie??? What a WONDERFUL idea!!!
That is surely the medicine to cheer anybody who is feeling low!
Your ND piece is really lovely, and I can see that it came from the depths of yourself. I bet they will treasure it always.

Anonymous said...

i want to write something to Pino now! dear Pino,
how is your picture doing? are you having a wonderful time? and, um, do you like the picture that i made? and, um um um, do you like your backyard?
okay, that's it, i think he'll be happy to see this too!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Everyone who writes us makes us happy. Kiran, we all love your art, even the readers love your art - so you must keep drawing and painting.
And in answer to your other question, Kiran, Pino said he really doesn't have a back year, just one meandering group of paddocks and fields. SO he gets to go in different 'yards' here on the farm every day. At night he gets to go out and play in the dark in the bottom field, and when it's spring, he gets to go other places where the grass is better.

Amy Cameron Evans said...

this is the most beautiful envelope i've ever laid eyes on.

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