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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blurry eyed fever sighting

Last nite I was so pleased when my fever subsided, and by bedtime I was sure this morning I'd be tip top. I awoke feeling lousy again, and my fever was back to 101+. I slept in some, and made it out to do barn feedings. I casually fed cats, horse, donks, goats, and then went to open the ewe stall. "Oh...my.....goodness." I said . There was Daisy, afterbirth still coming out, and what I thought was one lamb. But wait, there's two, and...wait...Coral Bell has two.

I was so caught off guard. End of next week was due day, and there weren't any real heavy signs of lambing yesterday. I think it's so nice they had them early this morning in the stall, or I would have had a real time if they had gone down in the field. I'm greatful none of the other ewes trampled any babies.

Daisy had a beautiful brown girl, and brown boy. Both have her signature white cap on their head. And Coral had a strapping big white boy, and a gorgeous black girl.

Life goes on, fever or not. It certainly took some worry out of at least 2 lambings. This flu has taken my life away for 5 days and I'm more than ready to be back to normal. But having the lambs reminded me certain things just have to be played out by nature. You don't get to set the rules.


Cathy said...

Aw, such beautiful babies!!

I hope you feel better soon, dearie. I'm sending much love and healing energy.

turquoise cro said...

Congratulations!!! They are soooOOoooOoO cute and SWEET! Now, YOU get well!!!

jim said...

Go get the jar of miso out of the fridge or the health food store, put the kettle on, get a big mug, peel a nice, plump clove of garlic and grate it finely into the mug. Now, add a tablespoon of the miso and top the mug with boiling hot water. Stir. Sip. Feel better.

The lambs are lovely.

salmonpoetry said...

wow, congratulations on the lambs, how sweet.

feel better soon- i have had exactly the same sickness. in fact after last week in bed feeling awful, i awoke with another fever and swollen lymph nodes this morning. if kiran had not just gone through the exact same course, a few days ahead of me, i would have thought that something is massively wrong with my immune system. this is just one heavy duty bug, so rest and stay well. post more pics of the lambs once you're better!

Debbie said...

Beautiful lambs. I'm glad they are healthy. Unexpected joy is more precious, especially when one is physically down. Hope you are healthy soon. Debbie

shepherdgirl said...

Wow, I like that miso recipe - I'm going to check it out. Lately I've been doing licorice root tea, but not sure if it helps at this stage.

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