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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Proper proposals

Donkeys are very loving. I have seen Pino Blangiforti quietly swoon little Lucia, but she is much to young for dating. And, well, they are related, I'll have to give her the talk soon. Paco Giovanetti is a much bolder amoureuse, a bit pushy, but some gals like that type.

I did this piece in honor of the upcoming love holiday. I imagined what Pino's father, Angelo, must have done to persuade Gabriella to breed with him. Gabriella is polite and I imagined she required some kind of proposal. Angelo is quite the lady's man, I can attest to this.I'm sure he put out all the stops.

Or perhaps I was trying to recreate my own fantasy proposal. Six years ago or so, my dearest was sitting in the kitchen, in torn jeans, eating cheese - we had just returned from grocery shopping. I remember being very grumpy that night. I'm not sure what he witnessed or experienced at the grocery store to inspire him, but he sat in that kitchen, eating cheese, and quietly, but firmly, said, "I'm going to marry you." It was one of those proposals where the recipient has to stop and say, "Are you proposing?". Martyn has his own very unique, subtle, romantic way, much like Pino Blangiforti. It's charming.

Anyway, so many people have asked me if there are originals or prints of recent donkey art, that I finally did test prints of some choice pieces, and have added some to the store. These are archival inks printed on 13x19" fine art archival paper. The colors are stunning.


salmonpoetry said...

wow, how lucky you are, to have a husband as charming as Pino! after falling in love with Pino's big eyes with long lashes and of course his penchant for pie from following this blog, you can tell Lucia she has nothing to worry about, i am saving my heart for Pino.
I hope you and all the romantic couples at the farm have a wonderful valentine's day. there is obviously plenty of love to go around out there!

Mary said...

your artwork is so beautiful. thank you for having this blog and sharing it.

Mary of Bosky Dell Farm

shepherdgirl said...

Bosky Dell Farm?? My ABSOLUTE favortite nursery in Oregon? I'm hoored you visited here. Seriously, when I first met Martyn, he took me around to various places in Oregon since I was new to the state - when we visited your nursery, I told him, 'this is the kind of place I would have" I LOVE it there - anyone reading this, make a visit there - full of Oregon native plants, but also the charm of setting is what I like. Tucked in what is noew a small extension of Portlan really, it is ahaven.I just wish we had more time to make trips in - but, then again, why leave my oasis. Bosky Dell Farm, fyi, is in West Linn, near Oregon City, an easy trip from Portland.

shepherdgirl said...

Thanks Ms Lisa Salmon, Martyn is very much ike Pino. Until I did this post, I hadn't seen it this clearly. I only wish I could breed him [Pino, not Martyn] to Lucia, but, he has no 'bang' anymore, and they are brother and sister. I only wish you could all see Pino bray in the morning.

Anna said...

I love this. I love donkeys. My daughter adds donkeys to every round of Old MacDonald.

Friederike! said...

a happy and loving valentine to all of you :)

Abby Creek Art said...

That is the cutest love proposal story...both the donkey's AND yours!

Mary said...

Hi - it's Mary again. I'm from a whole different coast - my Bosky Dell Farm is in Vermont! And I really love your blog.


shepherdgirl said...

Hi everyone. I crawled out of bed to read emails. Thanks everyone for writing -

Mary at Bosky Dells - I just visited your wonderful farm blog and sorry I confused you. Your blog is wonderful and full of info - anyone interested in farming small scale and being sustainable should check it out!

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