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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pleasant arrangements...and can we say "triplets"?

Some things arranged casually just seem so pleasing. The baking area of the renovated kitchen makes me happy each time I work at it. Four years the basement has held some simple but cherished items - like that apron hook, a gift from a woman friend in my old homeland. I miss her, but it reminds me of her.

Much has been happening. In one word...TRIPLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, just the other day, my mother asked if we'd had triplets, "No, and I hope we don't have any." This set my universe guides into a meeting no doubt - "She's at it again, thinking she has a say in natural occurrences, let us teach her gently, with triplets, but all will survive and appear healthy." Our wonderful head ewe, Rosemary lambed yesterday, on Martyn's birthday. She pawed at the ground at noon, I put her in her stall, she lambed one female 30 minutes later; I went and did errands, and 45 minutes later she had had all three beauties. All appear ok, although one female is quite small, and last nite I was worried about her, she seemed less active. But Rosie hadn't rejected her, and she was drinking. Today all three appear pretty good - the boy is awesome. He might have to be sold for breeding.

One more ewe to go, Lilly, who I was sure was going last nite [ok, the universe thing again]. Lewisia Pinkie lambed unexpectedly on Saturday in the field, and brought her lamb in - a real beauty of a white girl,good size. I'm relieved she singled, she's a bit of a scattered mom.

As for the illness that has kept me under a rock, covered in blankets, kleenex and occasional pug or Labradors...14 days...no fever, still coughing. But so much better.
Like someone else said, you start to feel like a broken record. So unless I drop over, I shall not write about my illness again. However I do so appreciate the kind wishes from all of you!!!!

Stay tuned for triplet pictures! Hail to Rosemary!


Farmgirl Susan said...

Wait a minute. Seven days since the first babies, and you only have one ewe left to lamb? We're about to start any day - and it's going to last a lot longer than that! ; )

Congrats on all the healthy, happy babies and moms. Triplets! I was just talking to my sheep shearer about triplets, pointing out the two girls who had triplets last year and hoping we didn't have any this year!


shepherdgirl said...

Hey old farmgirl susan - now, now, you know our lambing lasts less time becasue we don't have 1,000 sheep that we bred, or are you guys up to 10,000? Wink. I only breed what we need to breed, and keep it manegable. I think they call it 'a breeding program' - you might consider it!

Good luck with your lambing though, hope all goes well.

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