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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


OK, it's time for another art raffle. The proceeds of this are going into the Pino Pie fund. Here is the direct link to the raffle.

I need to start raising money for upcoming events - I plan to have at least 2 private or semi-private Pino Pie days for people/children that are healing or fighting life threatening illness [I have one hospital contact, but am still working out
details with them ]. I am also going to contact hospice workers. I just feel if I can get one or two of these under my belt, the reputation will grow, and I'll have pictures and references of real people.

So, help me and Pino out. Spread love with pie and one little donkey.

Animals bring joy and soothing to those fighting cancer and other debilitating illness. Grooming, petting and hugging a donkey is soothing and brings great joy - I know, I witness it in myself and others. An afternoon with Pino and some home made pie, in the sun, farm smells all around, it will soothe, and help in a small way. And if you know children/elderly or adults who will benefit from a Pino Pie Day, please let me know so I can contact them.

Visit this link to participate. Entries are in multiples of $15, no maximum. If you submit one $15 payment, your name is put on a piece of paper and in the hat once, 2 x $15 gets your name in 2 times, and so on. As usual, Pino will be helping with the actual name pulling.

The winner will receive this 13 x 19" archival print, valued at $155.50, signed by yours truly. These are not available anywhere but on my store.

I'll accept payments through 3/17/08. Good luck, and thank you so much for entering.


Thorngren said...

I just bought a raffle ticket and I am so excited to participate in such a lovely cause-thank you and Pino for this opportunity
-Mary Beth Thorngren(Crane)

Tina T-P said...

Hi Katherine - as I read thru your blog, I realized it had been a week or so since I "stopped by" - I too have had that cold that hangs on and on and on.

So sorry about the loss of your little chicken - a friend told me once that if she could get chickens past 2 or 3 years old they seemed to live forever - - we have three 10 year old hens that are still laying!

I decided that I loved your cat band picture so much that I put it on as my desktop - I just had arrange all my icons around tails & whiskers LOL - it always cheers me when I see it. :-)

Linda O'Neill said...

Just entered the raffle...always willing to help Pino's Pies!

So Katherine...I spotted a new mini donkey this weekend. He was the most adorable thing I've ever seen and I wished I'd had my camera. I said to James, "Oh my god...Katherine would just die if she saw THIS one!".:)
I'm going back to find him again soon!

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