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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Post pie plethora

The Pie Day was absolutely wonderful! I want to thank everyone who made it so successful, including the people who brought pies, those of you who sent aprons [I'll do a separate post later this week on that], and my friend Annie for being my equine side kick. Thanks also to Deborah for manning the booth, and the effervescent Dandy Dan and Mlle. Loup.

We estimated about 100 or 150 people came. The flow was perfect, never too many, never too few. People were good natured about the heat, and the donkeys were just stars!
I was able to meet some of my loyal blog readers, one coming from Tacoma, others from Portland areas. Some carried in pies, some brought aprons. I tried to take time with each guest, but it was hard - if you were here and didn't introduce yourself to me, please write! Some people came with aprons, and I didn't get to thank them.

So much to say. I wrote a post on the main blog. It's sort of like the day after all the wedding guests leave. I am just full of love right now, really. And pie. I will write more later. For the moment, this photo of the first guests should make you smile.

The day was very hectic! If anyone who attended the event has good pictures, please, please email them to me. I would love to share them. I was only able to take about 15 pictures, it was just too busy.


turquoise cro said...

O! how SWEET those first sweeties are with the SWEET donkeys!!! WowieeeEEEE! YOU did have a good turn-out!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! or in Pino's words, HEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!I'm sooOOOOOoo GLAD YOU had a LOVEly time Katherine!!! I HOPE someone else has more pics too! I'll go visit your other Blog now! xo, Cinda (((((((Katherine and all her sweeties)))))))

Amy Evans Streeter said...

well, congratulations on a successful day of pie and donkeys, miss katherine. so sorry i wasn't there to share the day. do pino, paco and lucia have bellyaches from eating too much pie? xoxo

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