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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Have overalls, can haul anything

Somethings just go together...such as eggs and overalls. We've had chickens now going on two summers, and I still relish getting the fresh eggs out of the roost.
I have some egg baskets strewn all over the farm, and have yet to find a perfect system that will help me remember to take the egg basket with me on barn duties so I can collect the eggs. So I often stuff them in my pockets. Hence, my all time favorite overalls are perfect for my egg duties.

I bought these overalls back in Minneapolis, maybe 12 years ago now, from Oilily, the Dutch clothing company known for the exquisite children's clothes [expensive, but so creative, charming, and incredibly well sewn and long lasting]. I receive a variety of comments on my overalls...some comments barely pass as compliments. But I love these pants. When Billy the one eyed pug was 8 weeks old he weighed 1.2 pounds and fit in my hand. I used to carry put him in my overall pocket and he'd sleep all day while I worked in the studio. Usually, if I reach in to my pocket, I find something in there I have forgotten about - nails, hay twine, horse treats, feathers.

This week I did a hunt on ebay for Oilily overalls, alas, there were none, for women anyway. I will continue searching for more though, perhaps even writing Oilily president, explaining to him how my overalls have lasted all these years, are worn in sheep fields, donkey parades and lavender mud, and still, not one hole. And if I show them my egg gathering abilities in these overalls, surely they will find an old sample pair in the vaults and ship them to me.


Debbie said...

I hope they will find a new pair for you. I love to wear my bibs. They are so comfy and hold whatever one needs when working outside. I think using the pocket for an egg basket is the best.

Linda O'Neill said...

I love that you carried Billy around in your pocket. How sweet is that?!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo of the eggs in your overalls. It's funny, but I have been looking for overalls lately also...as I remembered how comfortable they were when I was a kid.....like you I have yet to find the right ones!

Anna said...

I'm trying to figure it out, what this feeling is that I get when I see the eggs in the overall pouch. And, well, it's a kind of yearning. Yep, that's what it is. I think I need some chickens and some overalls.

Tammy said...

Nice overalls! ;-) Good idea/place to carry the eggs. I don't know how many times I've just stuffed a couple in my pants pockets, promptly forgot them and mashed into something. Yuck. Coat pockets are even worse.

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