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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trying not to freak out the mail carrier

The mail woman asked me today, "Do you have a guest staying with you?" "Guest, no guest, why?" I asked. "Because this 'Pino Blangiforti' is getting so much mail." I explained who Pino was, which was greeted with a scoffing glance - she can be moody. She wondered what so many were sending to a donkey. "Aprons." I responded. Well, let's just say, some people just have to learn to expand a little, imagine, relax...Anyway, she offered to bring me some rhubarb for a pie if she has it.

Today the sky was blue, and it got bluer in a azure sea way as several packages for Pino arrived. I open all items, as Pino is scissor challenged. We have been getting so many wonderful aprons, I just can't tell you! I am behind in my photos of them all - some are handmade, some are relics, some are just so funny. All are loved. One had a $20 bill tucked in it...

And this package arrived to Pino, with original art by Mlle.Thelma. Oh! C'est jolie!. Inside, was like a treasure chest, a selection of vintage and some new aprons, all from France! Each apron had a real story about the apron written by Thelma's mom. I am not doing the package justice, but it made my day, my week. Paris flea market aprons came all the way to Yamhill for a little donkey. One of the aprons is made of Thelma's old pajama bottoms - and we all know by now that Thelma seems to prefer au naturel 'in the belly' attire. So cool. So fabu, so bella. So Thelma.


un instinct de bonheur said...

Mrs. Moody Mail Carrier definitely needs some "lovepie" and possibly an apron!

Anonymous said...

Pino musta peed in his pants! actually, i think he's more elegant in displaying his excitement, but i would have peed in my pants to get that in the mail! hee. so fun. wish i could be there for the big day. xo

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