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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Messages of the hose

What does it mean when your hose starts spelling? Was the hose trying to say..."Please,more water...". Or perhaps, with a 'p', did Plum come over to practice spelling his name, confused that he too was going back to school?

Later in the day, I ventured out to water the vegetables. Stella and Iris were in their sunning area in the pasture. I overheard them, as I was only 20 feet away. OK, OK, I snuck over to spy on their conversation, thinking they might be planning an unsupervised nightly jaunt outside of their fenced Apifera Garden of Eden.

Stella had just whispered to Iris, "She'll never know we were up near the house...I left a clear sign that will lead her to think it was Pino, or Paco."