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Friday, May 14, 2010

Shepherdess and sheep calm down

All week I felt a bit like the 50 year old mother who finally got all her kids off to college, and then she has an unexpected surprise, all from one quick indiscretion.

But things are calmer now. Olive Oil is calming too, although she still doesn't totally accept the ram lamb as she should. All week, I've had her take baby steps and it helped. First two nights we separated out the ram lamb so he could be by his sister and mom, but was safe. We got up every 3 hours and had him milk off her, which she tolerates. Now he spends all day, and the night together with his sister and mom, and I think it's going to be fine. So thankful she'll milk him so he's not a bottle baby.

If we can get through the next week without any more unexpected lambs, I'll really relax. I'm a bit paranoid about little Rosalita who is only 1 year, but very small, so I hope she isn't pregnant. Time will tell.

In all the excitement, I haven't mentioned that Muddy went to Paris yesterday. It was a quick trip, he'll be back today. Details to follow.

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Anonymous said...

That's good that the little ram will have a relationship with his mama. Hopefully, she will keep warming up to him.

I couldn't stand the suspense and had to google what other Parises (??) there are.

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