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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Conversing with Chickens #3

All week I'll be doing short, spur of the moment interviews with the chickens of Apifera. Like I said in the first interview, these chickens are busy, and have little desire for the spotlight, so expect brief, to the point answers. All answers are unrehearsed.

With the sunshine this morning, the hens were up and out of the coop pronto, and I had a hard time getting anyone to pay attention to me. Chicken Named Dog and Henny Penny were rushing by, and I yelled out a question for them:

KD: "Excuse me! Do you have regrets eating worms?"

CND/HP: "None," they said in unison, as they hurried to eat some.

I had hoped to dive into a longer conversation with them about our individual places in the food chain, even those that are vegetarians. But I could see they were much to busy sustaining themselves. I'll leave it for another time, with another chicken.