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Friday, August 05, 2011

Head Troll meets Head Pig

"I'm going over there," said the pig.

"What's the password?" said the Head Troll.

"Um..." pondered the pig.

"Nope, not the password," said the Head Troll.

"Are you nuts?" asked the pig.

"Nope, too many words, it's only a one-word password," said the Head Troll.

"You are nuts," said the pig.

"No, I just explained, it's a one-word password," said the Head Troll.

"I do not require a password to go about my way," said the pig. And she turned away and left.

The barnyard gasped. No one had ever stood up to the Head Troll before.

Nearby, Stevie smiled.


Unknown said...

Katherine, you have yet another wonderful story! I love the new arrivals to the farm! :)

Jonna said...

This is excellent I love this. You haven't told us the role of the chicken in all this, or was she just an innocent bystander?
I am very curious to know what the password is now.

Heli said...

thanks fo leaving nice comment in my blog. BIG thanks or your inspiring book. Heli

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