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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art pillows for an old goat

Thank you to everyone for playing along and for your compassion. I maintain and nurture all the adopted rescues through my art and book sales and your support is helping these creatures too. The results?

As some of you know, we had a hard loss last week of two of our adopted old goats, Honey Boy and Granny. I have had some kind donations to help defray the emergency vet bill [thank you so much] but it is still a large one, so, if you want to play along here, you can. We adopted them from New Moon Goat Rescue where most of our other adopted goats hail from.

Deadline to pay is the 11/18.Scroll to bottom of post.
Here's how to play along: Each five dollars gets your name written on the barn wall, so if you pay $10 your name is put on the wall twice. Then The Head Troll, aka Frankie, will lead the other Apifera adoptees to choose name. They will close their eyes, meditate for five minutes, and then open their eyes and point unison. It always works that they point to the same name, I don't know how, but it works. The barnyard works in mysterious ways.

The person the animals choose then gets to pick which art pillow they want of the two shown. Keep in mind the pillow's back might be slightly different. And the fabrics used might be slightly different, but the art panel [all cotton] is as seen here.

Each pillow is 12-14" and stuffed with 100% natural bamboo stuffing [so soft]. Then I also sandwich some of Apifera's lavender bud in between the stuffing [about 1 cup] so it is nice and aromatic. These regularly sell for $144.50.


Adrian said...

What a generous and wonderful idea! I want to be on your barn wall. I love you guys!
I support 21 feral cats in my backyard and this year we trapped and had them fixed to stabilize the population. Some of these furballs actually let me pet them when I set out their food. I feel honored.
Thank you for making me part of Apifera forever.

Carole Reid said...

I hope my little bit helps. Hugs to the donkeys and all.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Wonderful you helped so many cats! And Carole- every penny helps, truly.

Debbie Schramer said...

You are always so amazing; always making new things! Love your new creations. Just wanted to tell you about our new art project on "Kickstarter". Have you heard of it? It's the largest funding platform on the internet. Hope you'll visit my blog to click on the link! Hope you are doing great!

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