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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Barnyard harbor

I rarely go to the barn after dark. If I do find myself there after sundown, it is usually because of an emergency or helping a sick or needy animal, including my shepherdly duties each March.

After our Spring of Death in '09, going to the barn at night brought up great trauma inside me since I spent so many hours there trying to help my sheep, but failing, only to succeed at hospicing them onward, something I take comfort in.

But the other night I was behind in my schedule and got to the barn late. The moon was very beautiful and I took my camera. But what I captured was the fable like quality around the old barn and how night allows this living creature to radiate from the inside out. Her doorway is a harbor for me, and many others.

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Delisa said...

What a beautiful thought Katherine, "the barn door is like a harbor for me". I used to live near the ocean and would love to walk down by the docks at night. I would see the lights of the small boats as they chugged toward the harbor. I often thought how comforting it must feel to the people in the boats. To see the lights of home, after spending hours on what might seem like an endlessly dark ocean. I understand what you mean about the barn radiating it's life from the inside out. Such a poignant description! I hope you have a lovely day ahead. Delisa :)

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