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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Tale of The Christmas Garland

One day Apifera received a big box from a kind woman who makes lovely hand made items. She had met many of the barnyard creatures while attending last fall's Art Workshop and inside the box were lots of animal crackers to be shared by them. But what caught the eye first was a beautiful garland of felt and wool she had made. Little did she know it would become a piece of great admiration by so many diverse characters. After last week's sadness, it was good to have such care free joy.

I heard whispers and snippets from the hen house later that day. Florence can never keep anything to herself, and after wearing the Garland, immediately dashed off to her coop to gossip.

"You put it on, and your tail feathers light up and when you close your eyes...well, you'll just have to try it," she explained calmly to the hens, not wanting to seem like it was a big deal.

You might be wondering where Pino, Paco and Lucia are? Or Itty Bitty? The One Eyed Pug? The puppet? Well, I explained that we must spread out the joy of the Christmas Garland...so they are all anticipating their turn to wear the magical creation. And let's not forget I am helping the Puppet with his pageant, which so far is not going so well - he has such vision but we are both lacking in crafting and set building.


Lis said...

This post just made my day!

And I am so like the puppet ... big on ideas but short on time and some necessary skills (not that I don't blunder along anyway ...)

In fact, I feel a puppet needing to be birthed ... 'tis the season!

xo Lis

p.s. any special kind of animal cracker? or another favored treat?

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Yes, the Puppet shares many of my optimistic views of life...everyone loves animals crackers, teddy grahams and fig newtons...hmmmm.

Ruth Armitage said...

Beautiful photos of your farm friends :) It made me smile! They all look so proud & puzzled at the same time! LOL :)

Jules Dolly said...

So incredibly beautiful. What gorgeous photos and they all looked so HAPPY wearing the garland. ...Nice for them to wear lovely things... x

Else M Tennessen said...

Wonderful post. I love how all the animals appear to enjoy their turn at the garland--are those some smiles I see? Happy Christmas, Apifera Farm! God bless you all richly.

Sharon Stanley said...

joy is the word that comes to my mind! they all seem so happy to have their special holiday accessory and it is so becomming to each!

Artista said...

Thank you for making me smile.

Scrappy Diva said...

What a wonderful place this is...the animals all look so content and pleased to have a turn wearing the lovely garland. Can't help but smile after seeing this. Thanks.

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