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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little bottoms I love

I love her piggie bottom, so round and bulbous attached to a tail of white glazed straw with tassels on the end. I never tire of her piggie bottom. Never, ever.

The satisfaction of living amongst daily encounters that bring pleasure is all I strive for. I worked in an office for much of my twenties and thirties and had many good lessons - but was usually looking for the window. Nature is a better boss, it teaches and never scoffs - however it also pays no mind to human desires, judgments or spoiled states of mind.

I had some really wonderful bosses but I can't think of one that taught me more than the trees, dirt, or water...or goat and pig bottoms.

What does the bottom of my pig teach me? Simply, that to gaze upon it is enough.

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val said...

heehee, that IS splendid! I used to love my horse's bottom. She had a splendid bottom too, full and round with a lovely tail.....this post brought me some sweet memories.......thank you.

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