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Friday, December 28, 2012

Bucket & Donkey

The 32 page book, "Bucket & Donkey", opens with only sixty words of text, and lush full page illustrations. An old bucket in the milk barn is tossed aside due to a hole in his side. Thrown in the burn pile he assumes his life is over, but moon encourages him to dream of a new life, and he does. With the help of the Wind, and a little donkey, Bucket goes on to a life of purpose and sharing.

Rather than have this book project sitting in a pile on my desk, waiting for the right publisher, I decided to make it available on Blurb. I'll continue to pitch it to editors, but my life is too short to wait for a publisher - don't you agree?

I'd like to go out of this world knowing I shared as much as I cold through art and story. Waiting for a publisher seems to be counter productive to that. The frustration of working on a project and not seeing it go out into the world is sad for me. I'd rather just let people enjoy it. And so far, I've heard from people that really loved the quietness of the story and found the art lush and beautiful.

I plan to do more little books like this and hope you are able to enjoy some as they become available.