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Monday, December 31, 2012

It's the little things

I like to go internal on the day before the New Year. Or at least, I don't partake in parties or resolution lists. I do however love the week after Christmas and before New Year's - I clean the studio, sort, shred, and this year rearranged my drawing areas as there was always something not quite right. It feels much better now and I'm excited to get painting for my May show.

So I thought about all the things I could write about for New Year's and I just keep hearing the same message: I'd rather be here right now than anywhere else. The day I quit feeling that, I will evolve in the direction my soul leads me. I can't imagine leaving Apifera, but I have no control over future experiences that might change my perspective. And Apifera is a breathing entity, she doesn't control me or smother me in any way.

I know many are in pain, are poor, lack things they think they need or want but there is still joy and hope to be found in each day. I know it is hard to feel this way if you've lost a loved one, are struggling at work, are care taking elderly parents or lack resources to move. And if you are physically challenged and in pain, or mentally challenged without proper help, my words might seem simplistic and naive. I have many days of despair about one thing or another - the blog gives you the calm version, the well thought out version without anger or frustration.

But this one internal message is something I carry everywhere - there is still joy in each day, like a little pig standing against a red barn.