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Sunday, July 14, 2013

On the porch

My summer evenings are treasured. We have the front porch room, then the lower garden room, the under the arbor area for shade, and the under the firs in the grass when it's really hot.

How graced I am, I realize it. The blog makes everything a dream like state - without me even trying to make it that way. It is because I focus on the positive here. I could write a blog that shared every intimate detail of the farm and my life but I choose not too. This is not the same thing as being dishonest, it is being selective and focusing on the stories of the animals, my inner voice, my inspirational moments, and capturing the essence for readers, and for myself. It's to document my time here. For some reason, I'm compelled to do that - all the time.

It does however create a persona of me, I realize that. Nobody can ever fully know someone just by reading their blog or conversing with them - even for years - on Facebook. I have some friends I've met online that have become real life friends, and I have others that have fizzled out - perhaps because they got irritated with what they perceived as the perfect persona - the woman that always seems grateful and never screams, and her dogs are always obeying and she walks elegantly in a flock of sheep. This does occur quite often, or sometimes on a very blue moon...but I also kick buckets. I cuss. If I told you my favorite string of swear words some of you might just die. I scream in the barnyard when I'm inpatient. I yell at God sometimes. I love the Wind but sometimes I yell at it. While I am humane, I can snap like anyone else on a hot day after bucking hay or mucking stalls and make comments to the animals just like I'm twelve and I'm talking to a bully in the playground - sometimes it helps get a goat to move.

I haven't written short stories for awhile. I think I will work on some this summer. I miss talking through The Head Troll and haven't even explored conversations with Moose and Goose. The Pig has so much to say.

Enjoy these photos of my perfectly perfect evening last night. While it fits into my perfectly perfect persona, these photos are all an honest view of the essence of that front porch on a summer night. There was no cussing or bucket kicking, just a breeze, two beautiful dogs, a husband cooking in the kitchen [I know, I know] and a garden movie that needs no soundtrack.


Karen said...

Which is why I love reading your blog...it makes my day feel perfect as well! Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

I think your humanity comes through loud and clear. Not everyone could do what you do with these animals. Everyone wants puppy love not so much the other end of life.
I too have more than a few cuss words and a summer porch I love.

Cathy said...

I've heard you cuss, and it just made me love you more.

pencilfox said...

a perfect perfect life.

but, please know this: even though *i* try to stay as positive as possible on my own blog, the string of curse words that flow from my "live and in person" mouth would burn the ears off a goat. or a donkey. my anger and frustration would curl the pig's tail even tighter.
we're all human.
but, we see the bright side and we know how to get there.

sending you much love, from a kindred spirit.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

this is exactly what I think but don't write.

some anonymous one leaves (unpublished) comments on my blog complaining how idyllic my life sounds, inferring that I am lying.

Like you, I choose not to tell every little detail.
Why should I?
And for that matter, if one has a blessed life, what's wrong with that?
Isn't that what we all want?

Keep writing,

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