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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Itty inside, Etta outside

Minding my own business one day years ago, driving a rural highway, a small kitten leapt out and almost was killed by an oncoming truck. I pulled over, fearing the worst. But there sat a cold, wet, tiny kitten. I feared she'd run as I approached her, but she sat still, and cried. She let me approach her and pick her up. I brought her home. She was about 6 weeks old and a bone. We put her by the fire and got her fed and warm. The Old One Eyed pug became her nurse maid, she liked to suckle him. We named her Itty Bitty Etta. But as she matured, we realized she was really two cats. Inside she was a tiny little princess pea that slept under the covers and barely spoke. But outside, she was ETTA, fierce lioness afraid of no heights or size of prey.

"I am not Itty! I am Etta!

I can fly up high.

I can pounce you.

I will carry you off to the den.

Do not try to outwit me. Or out run me.

I will get you.

I will eat you."

From the house came a woman's voice, "Itty, Itty Bitty Etta! Come inside!"

And the little cat once so lion like returned to her inner world.

She was Itty Bitty again, in her itty world, safe on the chair with a blanket.


The Stonehedge Farm said...

great story! What a pretty cat.

Megan said...

She is so BIG now! What a gorgeous girl!

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