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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Annual Christmas Garland Festival!

A couple years ago, a kind friend of Apifera sent us a hand made felted garland, thinking it would be nice on a tree. She had no idea what it inspired in the barnyard-an annual day to celebrate the merging of animal, woman and one Dirt Farmer.

What do we do at this festival? Not much, except I always leave full of appreciation for this life and these animals, embraced by this farm on this specific spot. So many imperfections here which make the days rich with compromise and appreciation. I can not complain, nor do the animals.

It was the first festival for Ernest the pig and Little Moose and Little Goose-and Doris and June. As a child, I hated when I was forced to sing or do pagent things at school-so nobody is coaxed into wearing the magic garland. It is said that by wearing the garland for at least one minute allows the soul to cement some future dreams. So Little Goose jumped right in-that is so him- but I wasn't surprised that Little Moose felt like watching. And Pino and Lucia were feeling voyeuristic too-perhaps Pino likes to just be a donkey during the non pie months, I can't blame him really. Doris and June were very eager to eat the garland, and Old Rudy likes to suck on it like a binkie–so one Christmas miracle is the garland still exists- another indication of its magic.

Sit back, and enjoy the photos from this year's festival.


beth said...

just found your blog thru a friend. AMAZING! you have a new fan!!!! the pictures and what you're doing? so fabulous!

Lis said...

Fabulous! Better than any holiday parade! Happy Holidays to all of you. Seeing these pictures gives me such a warm glow - and it's minus 4 windchill right now! No small feat :)

~kovia said...

Love the festive photos! Your sweet friends look happy.

firstfruitflowers said...

Charming - thanks for sharing the festivities! I recently found out about your book and received my copy a couple of weeks ago. I have fallen in love with your world, completely enjoyed the book and now your blog. I haven't quite figured out the words for a review yet I hope to have some soon. For now it's just love, love, love. I'm one of those middle-aged women working for Corporate America yet dreaming of one day having a flower farm. Seeing you follow a dream or two is so encouraging and delightful. I so enjoy your art, your pictures, your words, your life. So looking forward to your new book as well.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for stopping by...Thanks, Beth! Lis- yikes, a tad chilly, I'd say! Kovia, I think they are happy, for sure. KarenThank you for buying my book, and never stop dreaming. Took me time to get here [That's the current new book I'm writing!}

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