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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lessons from a donkey

I don't know about you, but I'm always glad for the holiday, and relieved when it is over. We had a wonderful Christmas though, spent with a small dinner at good friends, and my brother and his wife. It was not sad. I was wondering if i would go into a slight tail spin as this is the first holiday period without my mom.

I am living a life I chose to live-and it took me awhile to get to my farm– with the right guy, so I'm just grateful for each day. Each day I can still get up on a horse, or carry a bale of hay-that's a good day. I am surrounded by land and nature and that is where I feel the most confidant and optimistic. It is where I feel the closest to my parents or any creatures or friends that have left. I have so much richness in life.

I took note of the donkeys the other day. I think they are such good role models. In the cold, they walked on, endured and didn't complain. They take time to just stand around and be donkeys. I like to stand around sometimes and be me.

I'm so looking forward to a new year–with new ventures for the Misfit book, another book on the horizon and who knows what new Misfits might show up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Katherine, Happy New Year.
Susie H.

Jennifer said...

Katherine - I just wanted to let you know that I purchased 2 of your books for Christmas gifts for my sisters. First - I cried when I opened your box and looked at the way you had wrapped them, they were so beautiful. I spoke to my first sister the day after Christmas who opened 4 gifts from me - the first thing she said was - thank you so much for all my gifts but I have to tell you I absolutely have a favorite - "the book about the misfits". She and her daughter have been reading it together. She was particularly moved about the story of Guinnias. Just wanted to share that with you, I think you've gained 2 new blog readers. I'm so glad that you had a happy, quiet holiday.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Happy New Year to yu all too! Jennifer- this message makes me so very happy, pleased, feeling blessed and so inspired to keep going- thank you!!

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