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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Two new Apiferians! Stinkin' cute alert!

Today we brought home two new Misfits. Rosie is a young-elder matriarch retired from breeding. She is very mannerly, walks pretty well on a lead and is calm and dignified. And then there is the little stinker. Man he's cute! The ten week old bottle baby lost his mother at birth. I thought he would be a great candidate for my traveling therapy goat, and I'm so excited to have them both here. Since he's been on a bottle since day one he is very personable and I will continue to bottle feed for about a week for bonding until I naturally wean him.

Right now things are a bit chaotic. I have Sir Tripod Goat living in the middle of the barn, where Scooby used to hang out. Tripod was getting roughed up a bit by the barrows, who can really get serious when they eat-they are pigs after all. So I have the little guy and Rosie with Tripod. Tripod gets along with anyone, he's a loner so had no trouble with introductions. But since Martyn is working on the new area above the barn-which I have not officially announced, but will next week- there is wood and building stuff all over. So I had to put the three goats in the chicken pen for the day-the indignity!The little guy was having a ball jumping up and down on the wood piles, much to the builder's annoyance.

I am really excited to get working with 'the little fellow' and will be making contact with some elder homes including one I've been in brief touch with. I'll be able to take him out in the winter, so Pino can have therapy duties in the summer, and this guy can travel with me-or that is the plan.

Life is pretty fun right now. Tomorrow is Martyn's birthday, which means it is also Goose's birthday which means we start our two week stretch of being the same age, until I turn a year older on March 10 which is also Moose's birthday. And somewhere in there, Cornelia will have piglets.

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