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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Papi has an important announcement!

We don't want to let down Papi. As President of The Old Kitty Knitty Club and well, er, the largest member of the elder cat suite, he has a very persuasive look when he needs more cat food, don't you think?

Thanks to the good people who go to our Wish List and send us food directly, we have helped put weight on all the elders, even our latest and oldest arrival, Gilda, who is turning 21 soon and gained a half pound, and when you only weigh five pounds that is a lot!

When you send items for the Wish list directly, it helps keep money in our fund for the other animal needs. Cat food is expensive, especially the special urinary food we must feed, so we all raise our paws to you.

Visit the Wish List, and our greatest need is the canned food, the first three on the list. We also use the dried food daily, so never turn it down. I'm just running low on the wet food.

NOTE: It is helpful to me and Papi when you purchase from the list, to send your name with the order, so Papi can send his special message to you. Otherwise, I don't know who is sending the item.