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Saturday, February 23, 2019

We're tired

The days are too short, or maybe too long, but they are full, rewarding and I am learning at record speed. Margaret Stewart drove up from out of state to help me with some acupressure work on Birdie. I feel like I was in an incredible workshop for the past two days. I am exhausted, but I believe this is the exact lesson I am to be learning at this exact time with this exact animal.

One can drive themselves crazy with, "WHY?"

I just choose during this llama love project to say..."It is for us to do now."

I will write more soon. I just have not had a minute to really think of anything else. I think things will settle for a while now. We have the electric lift operating and I have a new lift sheet that is well balanced and I am able to hook it all up on my own. This is a God send. We can feel her spots of blockage, or resistance, and now I will continue the therapy and acupressure. It is sort of a roller coaster ride, but I aim to remain positive and do all I can for this incredible creature. Goose has been in sync with the entire process...stories to come.

Right now, I'm with Pino. Cat nap, donkey nap, llama nap...just a nap.