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Friday, February 28, 2020

Can I breathe a sigh of relief now?

Free at last
It has been an actively healing week, but healing is an action and it required a lot of my time and energy. I was relieved I was partaking in healing versus another burial. I really thought Moose was dying Monday, and he would have if my vet didn't come asap as she did [thankful]. That was Monday and today after days of thiamine {we treated him for goat polio which has nothing to do with polio but it is a thiamine deficiency and causes trouble in the rumen and elsewhere} he seems to be doing pretty well. In fact last night I tried to hold and hug him as I have been during his recovery, and he pushed away-a sign the old Moose is back, or reappearing. I am glad for that. Moose has never been a hugger.

On top of that, White Dog got his stitches out on Monday and was free at last to lie in his favorite coat-The Snow. He was so happy to be outside. My vet and I can not imagine him opening it up again, and so far it seems fine and he is not even messing with it.

On Wednesday, Martyn had a birthday and took the day off. It was also Goose the goat's birthday. Goose has been keeping Moose company in the healing suite. He is such a good little chap. He still gives me kisses. I took the birthday boy, sans the birthday goat, out to lunch to Eider's and ran into Remy's to buy him socks. Woohoo! We live everyday like a celebration-good food and drink, sleep, laughter-so it was a nice day.

I was doing chores this morning and watched White Dog go bursting out of the barn to run free. We almost lost him. Just a tish and an artery would have been cut. It's the what if that keeps coming back. I don't dwell on it, but White Dog is one of those spirits that is very strong, and the thought of him gone is just upsetting.

The big wind and rain storm yesterday knocked out power early morning, just after I got all my water buckets filled in the barn-that is the little thing in a day that can make it seem like a good day, the water buckets got filled despite everything. The Wind was so HUGE. The Wind here is full oc ocean, you can just feel and hear it. It is both beautiful and terrifying to me. Out West the wind came from the mountain foothills where we lived, it was beautiful and powerful too, but for me it was more subtle.

I walked back to the house this morning, White dog at my side as he escorted me tot he middle gate-his boundary-and I thought,

I guess I can breathe now.

I think it will be okay for Moose, and White Dog. I think it will be okay.

Goose has been helping Moose

Moose seems to be doing very well after treatment