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Friday, February 07, 2020

He's free

White Dog is back to his real life. We were able to get to the vet today despite the ice and rain and get his stitches out. My vet was pleased with the wound area and gave the green light for White Dog to be outside or back in his normal routine. He is so happy and immediately went outside to his beloved manure pile [this photo was taken several weeks ago].

I just want to again thank people for helping with the $1000 vet bill [worth every penny] and I want to thank the universe for helping too, the fact the tusk came so close to his artery...he would have died, I just want to move on now from it. I don't think I realized how upsetting it was, you have to stuff some things to get through them.

Earnest will go back into his normal hut once hard winter is over which will cut down any possibility of this happening again. But it still concerns me. It isn't Earnest's fault, he just tosses his head around when issues happen, like any pig. I used to be able to let White Dog out through Earnest paddock, but not any more. The risk is not worth it. So I am considering options of paddocks to help prevent it ever happening again...I'm actually considering all sorts of options, some I don't like. I am responsible for his remaining years but also must think about the safety of other animals here-even though he is separate from them, we all know these accidents can happen. I'm working on it.

For now, he's home, White Dog is really home, in his real home-the land, free to go in and out of his barn when he wants instead of being cooped up in the stall.

He's happy.

And thank you to the people who have come through so far and pre ordered White Dog's memoir. We are $3,000 away from the initial $5,000 printing cost -with the remaining $5,000 due on delivery.