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Thursday, April 29, 2021

A real buddy for Bear

I got a message last winter from the farm where Bear was born that she was having some more pups. I had planned on another chocolate pup for Bear but was thinking it would be when he turned about 3. We have always had two related chocolate boys and that is what we wanted again. I like knowing they have a real relative in their midst, and I really love these dogs from this farm. They have beautiful personalities and are raised with family love because they simply love labs. 

But after Muddy died too youmg-at age 9.5 from bone cancer- I just started thinking, what are we waiting for? I'm not getting any younger. We tried talking on another very old, blind pug last winter [sweet little Uncle Wally] and that experience also had us realize that right now, in our household, an older dog is not a good fit-with Officer Mittens and our pack. Besides, in case you haven't noticed, I bury a lot of old animals. I just wanted some youth, some hope and joy. So we decided on another lab pup. The more I worked with Bear, and played with him, I got excited about bringing home a buddy for him. Watching Bear this past year and a half try to play kick ball with The Goose and goats has been fun, he certainly isn't depressed, but I really started realizing I wanted him to have his very own little Bear.

The farm emailed me to tell me a litter was coming in April. I told her I only wanted a chocolate male. And if there wasn't one, it was not the right timing for a pup.  On the day of the birth, she emailed me a pic-there was only one chocolate male...so that was proof enough for me. We call him...Buddy. Such a common name for dogs, but it just seemed so fitting. So now Bear has a buddy, his very own Buddy.

If you want to follow along in photos of The Bear and Buddy Show follow us on Instagram. if you don't like an abundance of puppy pictures, you might want to avoid me for awhile. So far Buddy has met The Goose, and goats, and White Dog. Imagine all the new sounds he heard on his first day. And Bear is so happy. You can just see him looking at Buddy and thinking, "I finally got my little buddy I wanted."

One of te first things Bear did was bring out his beloved Mister Bubbles to show Buddy.