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My Copyrights

The art, photos, and stories on this blog are ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©Katherine Dunn.

I am happy for people to reshare an entire post and in the context of this blog - in other words, I have added share buttons to various social media for your convenience.

Many people just don't understand that many times an image is licensed [by me, the copyright holder] for other uses. It might be a complete conflict to have my donkey image on your blog if I have sold the rights to someone for one year usage. It might be a conflict of interest for me, or projects I have coming up. I might just not want it on your blog or site.

While you may click a share feature under each post, the following will be violating my copyrights:
- Do a 'screen grab' or download any image and repost [without permission]
- Download and Pin to your boards
- Print any image
- Use any photo as sketch material for a painting
- Use any image for any commercial use
- Post an image on a blog, FB, Twitter or any online medium and use it as an illustration of your own [yes, it happens].