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Monday, June 25, 2012

And the pig naps

One of the learning curves of any farmer is knowing when a mound of animal is alive and napping...or not.

It always takes the heartbeat away for seconds when upon entering the barnyard you see an animal spread eagle, and still, very still. The chest flutters and there are no words, just a quick 'gasp' until one calms and realizes the animal is in fact alive.

I've seen my horse in this death like pose, as well as the the goats and donkeys. Even a chicken will spread out in dust with fanned wings leaving it to look like an upright form of road kill.

But when you come upon a snoring mass of pig, that is an exceptional display of sleep. The best part about Rosie's naps are she is in complete a dream state - she never woke up while my camera hummed and clicked about her. The warmth of her horizontal manure throne must have engulfed her like a warm blanket complete with aromatic delights.

I am so glad I finally found a pig - it took me years to find the right match. Having a porcine in the barnyard provides me with a simple pastime - watching the pig sleep.


tutto a posto said...

I know the feeling of coming up on an animal and it sleeping so soundly that it seems to be dead. I nudge them until they wake up. The pig is very sweet!

Jody said...

Rosie is splendid in her piggy-ness. I love her.

Cindi Myers said...

I have a "herd" of little dogs. One of my Shih-tzu's is ancient. I'm used to stepping over his chubby sleeping body but the other day he was SO still. I tapped him with my toe, said his name...nothing. Thoughts flew through my head, and I was filled with dread thinking about making that call to my niece who grew up with him. I nudged him with the side of my foot, just to make sure. Nothing. So I leaned over to pick him up and at my touch he jerked awake, got up and waddled away. "Damn you Griffin!" I yelled after him. I was so relieved but still kinda PO'd at him for scaring me so.
So... I totally get it.

Your pig is so adorable and the dream of moving to the country tugs at my heart again.
Thanks for this post.

C.M. Mayo said...

So sweet, so funny! No doubt she was having piggy dreams.

C.M. Mayo said...

So sweet, so funny! No doubt she was having piggy dreams.

Sharon Stanley said...

she is a big old mound of cute. she almost....ALMOST makes me wish we still had pigs....and i love her smile. she is just chock full of personality isn't she?

Tai said...

It gives me such pleasure to see an animal sleeping this soundly. I always think of how profoundly safe they must feel to surrender themselves so completely to the environment; to snooze deeply free of fear, free of any worry or concern. What a gift.

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