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Friday, June 08, 2012

When puppets get mail

I live in a magical world where not only does the donkey get overseas packages of cookies, but the puppet gets mail too. Yesterday a huge package of vintage fabrics, aprons, cookies and other treats arrived for me and Pino - the donkey - but there was a little tiny apron in there too for Pino - the puppet.

My life is very good, albeit filled with mud and poop of all varieties and consistencies, but it is good and I am very aware of it each day. I'm soaking in every minute so I can hold onto it later - when I might need it the most.

If my posts are short in the coming week it is because the donkey and I have much to do before Pino Pie Day on June 17. I know you will understand. The Head Troll is also driving everyone in the barnyard a bit nuts as she has a certain ambiance she is striving for.

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Anonymous said...

Hope it's a wonderful day, I also look forward to the photos. Maybe someday I'll venture up there...

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