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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two needy minis to arrive in a mini

I'm excited to tell you that Apifera will be welcoming two more needy goats from New Moon Goat Farm. But the best part is they will be delivered in person by none other than The Northern Mother herself, Ellen Felsenthal who owns and operates New Moon.

Actually, that's not the best part - they will be arriving with her in her new Mini Cooper wagon. That alone is a story, maybe even a movie. It will be a whirlwind day on Sunday...so many first's: the pig's first Pie Day and the first one without Old Man Guinnias, the anniversary of Honey Boy's arrival and now he is sadly missed, the debut of the Museum Of Misfits and the first time Ellen has been to Apifera.

I promise to share more about these two fine fellows after they settle in the the pie flour is out of my hair.


Carol Attwell said...

Katherine! How I wish I could come to Pie Day! And what a blessing has been poured out over these two new goats, to call Apifera home. I look forward to hearing all about the weekend. Soak up the joy!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Something is askew in the universe of OMG { Old Man Guinnias } is not roaming the farm in spirit... Bravo ! for the two new little additions !!!

denise f said...

Oh! Pics please! And more info!

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