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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stevie's kissing premiere

It was Stevie’s first Pino Pie Day and he seemed to understand instinctively that his main mission was to share himself in composed love. No rushing about or bleating for attention, he quietly spread his large frame in repose so guests of all ages could pet.

But he also gave out his trademark greeting – kisses.

When I went to pick up Stevie and Rosie the pig at Sanctuary One, staff told me how he gave kisses. I had no reason to think it was an embellished story for he looked quite kissable to me. When I had my first Stevie kiss, I knew it would most likely be a daily ritual. From that initial peck on my lips, I grew to look forward to my morning greeting with him. It is not a wet, sloppy kiss – so you can wipe away any idea of his tongue being involved - Stevie’s kisses are gentle little presses of his lips, not even pecks, just his lips pressing into your cheek, or when he really knows you, your lips.

I have known some good kissers in my time if my memory serves me correctly. But at this stage in my life I have all the kissing I need with one Dirt Farmer and a crippled goat.

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