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Monday, June 11, 2012

And a pig floats

Sometimes the camera takes over, capturing things I didn't even know I saw at that second, consciously anyway.

I think of Apifera as a breathing cloud, floating along with all us creatures floating right with it. How long we'll be up here I have no idea, but for now, when I actually capture one of the creatures floating, I feel it's an extra special gift for me that day - a reminder that this life here is magical.

It will be Rosie's first Pie Day and I'm sure she will perform at least one trick for a cookie. I do suspect she'll nap most of the day away and large groups could set of her grumpolopogus radar. Will she float for the masses? Highly unlikely. Floating occurs in my own heart and can only be transferred to others when I sleep, dream or manifest it with ink, type or color.


Tai said...

She looks like a beautiful, ethereal, porcine cloud. Perhaps she only floats for those she loves.

C.M. Mayo said...


Anonymous said...

it does look like rosie is floating...

Anonymous said...

I love it, she sure is floating.

Carole Reid said...

next she'll be flying!

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