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Friday, June 22, 2012

Surpise in the field

As if baking pies, greeting new goats, meeting Henry, having Northern Mother arrive in her mini chariot, painting donkey toes and decorating a porta potty wasn't exciting enough, we had four surprises to push the sensory limit to overload.

I had made a small scribbled note on my calender on January 24th, 2012, "ram jumped in field', but had forgotten about it.

While in the midst of baking pie on the Saturday before Pie Day, Martyn came into the kitchen with a startled, but pleasant, look on his face and announced,

"You need to stop making pies for a second because there are two new lambs behind the old barn."


It was Olive Oil and two beautiful little girls, all dried and enjoying the warm sun. Now just a week earlier, we noticed that Lilly - an older ewe I retired this year - was looking very pregnant, but not Olive. The night before she lambed, Olive's udder looked pretty big and I mentioned it to my house guest, but figured it was from eating clover. She just didn't look pregnant.

But she was.

Monday night I went to feed Boone and in my post Pie Day exhaustion, gazed out over the fields in a sleepy but content frame of mind.

And there was Lilly, with two white specks.


The Stonehedge Farm said...

So darn CUTE!!
Best wishes to mom and the kids.

Anonymous said...

Four baby bonus lambs, how wonderful!

Sandy said...

Way too cute!

Baggaraggs: said...

Oh...adorable and what a lovely surprise! What sweet little faces. Love your work. Hugs, Robin

Goat Song said...

Awwww, what sweet faces!!! :D

On a side note: I just nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award over at my blog! http://lifeatmennageriefarm.blogspot.com/2012/06/tickled-pink.html

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