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Monday, June 02, 2014

Posers, pie eaters and cookie smugglers

Lucia has been practicing her "look" she hopes wins her many admirers...and treats come Pie Day.

" Excuse me? Is that a cookie in your hand? May I have one? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase?"

Sunday, JUNE 15! Are you coming?

I of course will be there, or here. Pie Day is my way of sharing the love I have for farm, animals and pie. Lots of love swirls around that day, and this year we have many new Misfit elders in attendance-Aldo, Scooby, the ponies. Martyn finished the new hut so our guests and Misfits [and volunteers!} will have yet another place to rest out of the heat or drizzle. My books and art will be for sale as will the farm's lavender. All money raised from sales and donations helps to offset the money we spend each year to keep the Misfits healthy.


Unknown said...

aww, best cookie face ever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A look like that deserves a cookie. Hope it's a marvelous day. xox

Lis said...

I am SOOO excited! We fly in the night before and will be traveling down with friends for Pie Day! Snort, neigh, oink and cluck cluck!

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