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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pig and Pup guards

I was a bit concerned how Marcella would react to the crowds at Pino Pie Day. It was her first experience with lots of unknown people appearing. While no one was allowed in the barnyard, they could approach the two gates the look into her current domain. I asked folks not to pet her–with signs–which nearly killed some of them I guess, but I didn't want her thinking that she could sit at a gate and get petted by strangers. Not really what a guard dog should learn.

But, she did great. She didn't bark much at all, a couple woofs here and there. I was amused by this scene, of her and her buddy Earnest, checking out the arriving guests.

On a business note, I had a couple people email and ask if they can still donate for Pie Day even though it is over. Yes, you can donate 24/7 around here! We always welcome subscriptions or donations to help offset the expense of caring for elders and Misfits. So thanks for asking!


Anonymous said...

Those two are just so charming together, gotta love pig and pup. Glad she did so well. xox

pencilfox said...

uh….i think those two got a thang goin' on….

love pig-n-pup….


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