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Friday, December 09, 2016

Introducing...Isabelle Noir

Some of you know the story.

I was minding my own business...standing at the local animal shelter signing paper work for the three elder cats we adopted to be the first residents of the Healing Cat Cottage, and there sat in a cage...a bunny.

A jet black bunny.

"Bunny, " I said to her softly. I looked at Martyn, "Bunny, " I said to him.

That was about all it took for me to adopt her. I've always loved rabbits. I haven't had a small studio mate for sometime, not since a wonderful little chinchilla named Tucker lived me for many years. This bunny was found outside, with very long toes-many inches, curled-and her bottom was completely matted with feces. She clearly was loved at some point, as I can turn her over and trim her toes, look at her teeth and she is very docile and responds to my voice.

She is also very hard to photograph, black animals are. So she will be a real challenge.

She has a large cage where she sleeps when I am not with her, complete with toilet rolls to play with, a bit of good hay, some pellets and a daily snack of lettuce leaf, and a small bit of carrot or apple. {I have had numerous rabbit people write me, unsolicited, with their warnings and advice about over feeding-so there is no need for more dire warnings.}

I have named her Isabelle Noir.  I hope in time to take a magnificent portrait of her, sitting still on white linen, looking right into my eyes. I suspect this will prove very difficult.

For now, it is just very nice to have her hopping around while I paint. We are still getting to know each other, but she seems to really like it when I come in the room.

She is the smallest Misfit, and loved in a big way.