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Sunday, December 04, 2016

The first Healing Cat Cottage residents!

On Friday we went to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. I had had a talk with the supervisor on the phone about my goals here, and when we arrived, it seems the employees had all heard about it and were happy to meet us. The people there were very nice, I was really impressed and am so glad I could take on some elders. We have room for more so I will be keeping a close eye on their intakes. It was hard to leave any of them behind, but they are being well cared for by staff and volunteers. People have asked what they can send me for the Elder Cat Suite which I really appreciate! I will be honest, the best gift is always...money. It allows me to purchase the most necessary things-litter, food, meds, and possible vet needs. I plan to have small reading days there so people of all ages can visit with the cats, and Misfits, drawing days...all sorts of things with one simple mission-bring animal and people together for mutual healing.

So, please meet the first residents of the Elder Cat Suite:

Anna was loved and cared for and originally came from Virginia. She is over nine and has had most of her teeth removed due to infection. She is on a special needs diet due to her intolerance of certain foods. Anna's photo made my heart skip a beat as she reminded me of Itty Bitty, but upon meeting her I realized Anna is...her own cat. She is Anna and is very personable.At this point she is the greeter in the cat suite.. She loves to held and petted and shows no signs of aggression or ill-use. She is currently independent of the other two cats.

This 16 year old gentleman is so handsome and came with the name Tigger, but we added a "Sir' to represent the respect we have for him.  He definitely responds to his name. His owner had to go into a home and could not take the cat–a sad story we all hear too many times and somehow the system could do better on this, couldn't they? I am always a sucker for this story, it is a dread we all have of having to go into a home, especially one without animals. So Tigger is getting lots of love right now and reassurance. He is quite independent, so far. He does respond to petting and on day three, today, we had a nice long morning rub down, which he really liked. He also has extra toes, but hates to have his feet touched, so far. He is in very good shape and also lets the very shy bob tail cat sleep near him.

This 13 year old bob tailed calico is very shy at the moment. She came with the name Money Penny but I am searching for a new name for her because she has a very interesting past. She was born in Japan and came to her owner as a pregnant stray. Due to her job, the owner relocated and brought her cats with her to the US. Another job move to Sweden came upon them, and the cats could not come. The two cats that lived with this girl were adopted already, leaving Money penny alone and scared. When we went to the shelter, she was hiding behind cages. Upon arriving here, she immediately hid so well I could not find her-she was buried in some straw. She lets me pet her, and this morning we had a long love session together, while she hid under a blanket. I massaged her with long, slow back strokes and had her purring up a storm. I think in time she will come around. Her intake papers say she is independent and I think she will remain that way...but you never know. Time is what she needs. She is 13.

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