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Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Head Troll can't believe it

"I have never in my life had to succumb to human attire," she said as she scurried away from me.

I had just put a winter coat on The Head Troll,  slightly ill fitting but it will keep the wind out.  She is older now and her natural coat is much thinner than in her youth, so I decided to get a coat on her. I also put one on Sophie who has a nice natural coat of wool, and little Lucia who even though she has a good fur coat she is prone to the chills. And of course old Matilda wears a coat, as does Scooby Keith.

Scooby Keith has a chronic nasal issue, sort of like pre-chest infection-pneumonia. We went through it in Oregon almost every fall-winter, but he always pulled though with extra care, often getting meds that would be given for pneumonia. He is eating and drinking though and is out and about. He wears two fleece coats.

We have had a pretty warm fall/early winter, so this was our first dip into the low teens, and there was a wind last night, so I got everyone suited up that needed it. Rosie the pig did not cover herself last night and was pretty chilly this morning. I made sure to get her covered with straw after her breakfast and she has a good indoor area out of the wind. I tried to get a coat on her but the neck was too small and it did not fit. I might try making one since she is not as good about covering herself like in her youth.

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