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Saturday, December 24, 2016


Well, what a year. Probably the most change I've ever been through besides birth. I had intended to go all out for Christmas, with a tree and all, and revive the Garland Festival [but I have posted here some past and present Misfits form past Garland festivals-until next year]...but you know...I went with my inner flow instead and focused on art and spending time in my new home with animals and Martyn. We said so many goodbyes this year, and now I am focusing on the hello's while still honoring people and creatures from the past.The changes this year were more significant than usual. I would not want to relive this year, but it is a conduit for so many things to come. and some of those things are already presenting themselves. I hope for light, for all of us. I am grateful for a warm bed, clothes, food, a life I like and somehow manage to survive financially each year and care for the farm...my husband....and all these four and three legged wonders out there. Life is going fast. I'm whirling right along with it and at this speed I don't dare blink. As long as I can be in Nature, I can survive emotionally I think, I hope for that as I age-Nature.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to so many who share their lives with me.