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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Creative happenings

The farm showcases creativity in elegant, simple forms.

The egg. A perfect little package of protein, which also holds the ability to became a real chicken. Who of us can say we can lay some food in a shell, and then make another in 24 hours. I love eggs. It is so satisfying to go out each day and see what the ladies have made for our benefit. Now that they are settled in, they are producing up to 4 per day, which is plenty. I have not determined who is laying what, but some mystery woman is laying almost 1 beautiful,larger brown egg daily. I suspect Zuchi, the frizzle.

Which reminds me, I have named the chickens, twice. I can't seem to quite get the right names yet. Although I have settled on Zuchi [Zuchini] for the Frizzle, Miss Miho [named for a Japanese friend, means beautiful ears of wheat] and Henny [Hens and Chicks] and Jenny [Creeping Jenny]. The rooster is so regal, I just can't get the name right, even though we toyed with Johnny Ringo. Naming everything after plant life has it's challenges.

And every winter the soil cools. In spring, it warms and percolates, and little flowers re-emerge.

The egg and spring flowers - hold onto these visions when you feel life has no meaning. Creation is everywhere, and is always in one form or another.

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deedledumpling said...

Katherine, I love your paintings, esp. the horse ones. Maybe someday I can afford the horse one. Your blog makes me peaceful and makes me miss our little farm in N. Georgia. We had to put my horse down last Aug. and I miss her so. I enjoy your blog. deedledumpling

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