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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Spirit of a Girl

Please meet...Lambie Sarah Pie. For those of you who might not have known the original'Lambie Pie', you can read about it it in this recent post. These pictures were taken when Lambie was only 4 hours old, so I think her yawn is not one of boredom, but rather one of exhaustion. The faint red on her ears is mother's blood. She and her brother are healthy, and mother Rosemary, our head ewe, went through it all with the same calmness as past years.

The spirit of a girl name Sarah and her beloved Lambie Pie now live on in this little creature. I generally do not cuddle any of the lambs the first couple days, so as not to possibly confuse scents of exhausted mothers. But last night when I put mothers and babies in their stalls, Lambie Sarah Pie went into the stall, collapsed in a corner, and her little eyes could hardly stay open. Her mother was busy eating, so I picked her up and held her little tiny body, her head resting under my chin and she immediately fell sound asleep. Her body was like that of a stuffed lambie, that once a little girl named Sarah had dragged around and held onto for comfort. I had a momentary 'spark' in my body, a literal energy 'snap', a good feeling - is one ever too old or jaded to hold onto another creature of any kind, hug them, keep them warm, rock them, and sing to them as they doze, very quietly "Keep on rockin' in the free world...". One is never too young to absorb Neil Young.

So, all are born, it's a bit chaotic at morning feedings, but all are healthy. Names and pictures of more to follow in weeks ahead. In the meantime, Big Tony goes in for his tooth operation on Tuesday - he's not nervous, he likes the vet clinic. So there is still time to add your name to the raffle. . And a big toothy 'thanks' to the raffle entrants so far. Pino Blangiforti can't wait to draw the name out of a hat.

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Get well wishes to Tony. (Just sent an overdue donation.) Bless you for the care and compassion you show the animals on your farm.


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