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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Morning kisses, and naps

We have girls.

After the first two boys arrived, Lewsia Pinkie and Coral Bell blessed us with beautiful girls. Twins from each, so we have 6 lambs to date. Rosemary and Lilly remain as ladies in waiting. I have given up saying "I'm sure Rosie is going tonite"...She is usually one of the first to lamb, and right now is huge. Today she is not eating as much in the herd, so, maybe today. The other good news is Lewisia has matured and is being a wonderful mother, after giving up on Baby Rue last spring. Lewisia has a daughter that looks so much like her. She threw two white lambs with freckles - just like their Papa, Mr. T. These are Mr.T's first babies, and he has thrown beauties. The color of Coral Bell's twins is like a slate blue. Lovely. A list of names is prepared, but I'll wait to announce them untill all lambs are born.

Meanwhile, I am getting a lot of painting done, and besides the two spring shows, I just found out I will have another in Jackson Hole in August - I'm thrilled as it will be all abstracts in a contemporary gallery. Details to follow. So I will paint in focused fashion through the summer.

Martyn and I had a nice dinner with nearby farm friends. They are expecting their first baby soon and we are so happy for them. They will be such good parents. As the evening drew to a close, she invited me to feel her baby tummy - I'd never felt a human belly ripe with child. I joke that the only thing I know about birth is learned through my sheep. Fortunately, she raised sheep too, so I don't think it was an insult.The farm was oozing with mothers and baby energy that nite, and continues on this week. It can wipe out any negatve energy that might linger from other things. Thank you, mothers.