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Monday, May 26, 2008

The glance of a king

She can not seem to understand my true qualities, my kingliness. For 4 years I have helped in the equation that brings food to her table, to her barbecue. I feed her. I nurture her with my genetic make-up, providing meat to her liking. I give up my prodigy without a fuss, I accept that fate. I do my part willingly - I eat and graze to keep up my strength. I even allow myself to live in a mixed herd of lower gentleman, and two goats for heaven's sake. I am a saint for that. And when the season changes, when I smell a hint of drying leaves in the forest, I know it is once again my duty to service my flock. I go willingly, I do not balk at her. I go to the field of ladies, reintroduce myself quickly - for their is no reason to doddle, they know it too, the job must be done. The grass and foraging I have done all summer to keep me fit for the job pays off, for I spread my seed over and over without tiring, just to make sure the job is thorough. I am a professional that way.

Yet, she seems to put herself in the herd master role, when it is really I that am in charge of this herd. That is why, from time to time, I must come to the fence line and stare out at her. Surely my expression will explain clearly, "Excuse me, you! You the woman with the bucket, I am the greatest! I am Joe Pye Weed. And this herd is mine."


Lisa Fleury said...

I love your writing....I check just about every day to see what you might have written. Thank you!
I laughed out loud at this entry!

Balou said...

Man you're good. All I can see is, "Did she bring me a carrot today?" You are great at capturing personalities.

Anonymous said...

thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning.

Terre Busse said...

I love it. I see a story here too... Pino has the pies, but Joe is King! It must be fun being you!
Please curtsy to Joe for me.
Terry Busse

Anonymous said...

Nice! (as they say in Minnesota....)

farmlady said...

Oh, he is the King and you are so good at anthropomorphic posts. I like to believe that animals speak to us in their own language. I look forward to other Apifera Farm "people" speaking out.

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