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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One eye, a few less teeth, lots of gas

What has one eye, a punched in face and smells...that's right, it's our little gassy one-eyed pug, Billy Baker. One of the many horrors of in-breeding to get the pug breed is they tend to have teeth issues. Billy is now living proof of this.

Our gas producer will be heading into the vet on Friday for major teeth removal [I have suggested they get the fans running]. Due to the fact that Billy likes to chew on tiny pepples like gum - a hobby he acquired as a young pup - one of the rotting teeth fell out. Looks like our one eyed pug will now be a 'one-eyed three-toothed" pug.

I cringe to have the final invoice handed to me...but such is pet ownership. I considered dressing him up as a ferel cat to get donations, but that would be very un-Apifera. So Billy has a special message for you..."If you buy this sale item [done when I had both eyes!] it will help pay for maybe 1/2 of the bill."


salmonpoetry said...

oh, i hope billy's surgery goes well. our old stinky cat orphey had a rotten tooth, it actually fell out as well and i found a rotten little tooth on our rug. once the surgery was done he smelled much better and was happier too.
so good luck billy!

Thorngren said...

My dog, Sienna had surgery 4 years ago. She only has a few teeth left and does fine. She can still chew bones and hard food. Her gums are very strong! We have to remind her from time to time that her tongue is hanging out.
He'll be fine.

Mare said...

Our old Mosey is toothless and gassy too, not to mention his breath could knock you out. But he still does love to give me a big old kiss smack on the lips...Ahhh the things we do for love... mare

Anonymous said...

our pug is 15 1/2, he's deaf, blind in one eye and has stumps for teeth...his breath is also horrible, but he's still going strong. I hope Bill Baker did ok on Friday.

Candice Hartsough said...

i have a little kitty who at only 4 years old had almost all her teeth taken out due to them rotting out! they have no idea what made them go so quickly. i was afraid of the bill, too, because they had to take out way many than they originally quoted me, but ended up taking pity on me and slashed the bill in half! i hope billy is still doing well!

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