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Monday, May 12, 2008

It's National Wear Your Apron Day!

I've spent a good part of the morning trying to get Pino's apron on him, but alas, it's spring, there's grass, there's dust to roll in, and he is out doing his thing like a donkey should be.

I don't know where I heard about National Wear Your Apron Day, to be honest, or who started it, so forgive me for lack of details. I just know it's a day to celebrate the apron, by wearing it with glee. All the handy things about an apron - I can attest to here in my own life. I gather eggs in the pockets, I wipe my dirty garden hands all over the front to spare my already dirty pants, why just this week I wiped goop out of cat eye with my apron. Very handy in deed. And, as I've stated many a time, aprons help cover my somewhat expanded waistline. It's a wonderful way to feel like I'm wearing a dress when a dress just isn't always practical. Don't want to bending over in the barnyard in a dress, ladies!

So that I am. I'm attempting to document all the aprons I ham collecting for Pino's Pie Day Apron Clothesline...It's quite an amusing way to spend time. How lucky I am, yes?

We're thrilled with the generosity of people. And we hope all these efforts will help bring awareness to caregivers who want to share donkey therapy, and farm therapy, with their patients and friends in need.


turquoise cro said...

Yayyyyy! Happy Apron Day! I especially like the purple one and the yellow one, they are all cutesie, especially with all your different hats!!! tee hee( kisses and hugs to the sweeties(donkeys and cats and other farm animals!)

Tommy said...

No offense....but shouldn't National Wear Your Apron Day be celebrated by scrambling up some eggs or ironing some shirts??

Apifera Farm said...

Ah now, Tommy. Sounds like you need to get an apron on and make your own little scramble.

Cathy said...

Surely, Pino is wearing a virtual apron, by virtue of his sweet donkey soul, and need not wear the (comparatively) crass fabric variety.

I am SO looking forward to some donkey/farm therapy! Happy National Wear Your Apron Day, Katherine dear.

Kitchen Madonna said...

I started it in 2006! You can read my apron manifesto at my blog. I just re-started it after putting all of the past entries into private mode.

It is May 10th this year, always the Monday after Mother's day.


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