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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Living in a gravy boat

The simple ability to be able to walk down a gravel road, without feeling pain in one's heart or body, this is something to give thanks for, not once a year, but daily. I was thinking of all the many things I do and enjoy and have passion for that require walking and movement. How we healthy body people can sometime take that for granted. If I can walk, I can see this road that I love, and watch the young saplings emerge and grow come spring. I can walk behind Huck and enjoy the rhythm of his tail, composing an orchestra of his legs and ears flapping.

Once one figures out the basic things that provide a peaceful mind, everything is gravy. So I'm living in a big bowl of gravy.

I thought of all the things I can write about today, on Thanksgiving, but really my whole blog is about thankfulness on a daily basis. Each day is a good day. Ruffled feathers always lay flat again. I have passions, and I get to intertwine them in my daily work. How good this is. And how good it is to recognize it as a gift, not to be wasted. Life is just so juicy.


Cathy said...

Ha, I just finished telling you how thankful I am for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Martyn and all the animals.

Deb said...

Ahh I love reading your blog but I really loved this one in particular! We are all sooo blessed and we would be much happier in general I am sure if we took more notice of all our blessings every day!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Balou said...

Well said. "Ruffled feathers always lay flat again" - love that. Happy Thanksgiving - in a scrumptious way.

Andrea said...

Love this post....and the pic of the happy dog!! Very thoughtful....thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! :)

Gail said...

"composing an orchestra of his legs and ears flappin" made me see the dog moving.
Ruffled feathers is a wonderful thought too.
Faces I love, remind of my sister's goat Princess.
I have enjoyed your blog.

Susan Moorhead said...

Just finding your blog, great fun to read. I've so enjoyed looking at the great photos of the animals and your creative artwork, and reading your thoughtful entries.

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